A business Culture in Need: Western American & Turkish Chamber of Commerce






Western American & Turkish Chamber of Commerce United and Strong is going to have a full time secretary and volunteered young people who will be business people in the future. We will have an office space that anyone can come inside whenever they want and any member can have business meetings and events whenever they want.


WATCH-US will define business etiquette and establish a special committee to monitor the issues related to business etiquette and may also act as a mediator in disputes.


Trade missions and delegations to and from Turkey are also our main fields we will support.


This business platform will be your partner in business solutions, and members will exchange their opinions frequently regardless of their political or religious views. The only concern and focus of this platform will be business development and prosperity of the community we live in. Scientific methodology will be our main driver in discussions and nothing else.



Our vision is to help to improve the conveyance of goods and knowledge between countries to sustain the trade volume growth with value added goods and services.



Our mission is to increase human capital in trade relations between Turkey and USA and increasing awareness about business potentials between two countries.



Our goal is to increase the trade volume between Turkey and USA to more than 60 billion USD in 10 years. We will reach this goal by not only working for our own businesses but also by giving our valuable experience to the people in need.